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Ambassador Anita Verónica

“ Aside from the aesthetic aspect of working out, I really try to keep my body healthy. Everything else in life is replaceable, but we only get one body.

I was never like this. I used to work out because I hated my body instead of loving it. I chased the approval of others instead of doing it truly for myself.

Things have changed so much for me over these past few years (aside from those #gainz) I have been able to transform not only my body, but also my mind. With the help of this community, I changed my neurotic personality into this lil ray of sunshine you see today

I have gained so much support from this community that I actually cry tears of joy and gratefulness sometimes, which is why I would never trade my past for the world. It has brought me to where I am today and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

The biggest piece of advice I can give anyone starting their fitness journey is to appreciate every single moment, even the bad ones. Each and every step will help shape your future in ways you can’t see right now, but it’ll all be pieced together later on, which is what it means to trust the process”


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