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Functional Training: What Works and Why

In a previous article, the discussion of functional training as compared to bodybuilding was the focus. This write-up will talk about functional training exercises that work and why people should incorporate them into their current workout routine, regardless of what routine that is.


To review, functional training needs to be looked at regarding a continuum of movement when it comes to training. Functional training has an emphasis on improving any ability or activity that involves movement involved in a sport, walking, running, jumping, twisting, swimming, and much more. It also deserves to be noted that functional training is performed and executed through the utilization of the 3 planes of motion as well (sagittal, frontal, and transverse), which is vital to overall performance of the body and its ability to move and perform.


When functional training is discussed, many different movements come to mind. Some of the most effective movements that you should be doing are:


  • Tire Flips: Tire flipping is one of the best total body strength and conditioning workouts available. You use your entire body to flip the tire, much like a deadlift. You can switch up the weight of the tire and distance in which you flip it. Regardless, it will give you one heck of an aerobic, strength, and conditioning workout.
  • Hammer Training: This is another form a training that you seem to feel everywhere. Using everything from your abs, lower back muscles, glutes, uppers back, forearms, wrists, and even chest region, hammer training is no joke. Another form of training that you will get the heart pumping, the muscles pumped, and the fat burning.
  • Battle Ropes: Battle ropes have the reputation for being an all upper body workout. Even though they will toast your shoulders and arms, battle ropes hit much more. A battle rope workout will target the abs, back, and glutes. You may also incorporate certain movements such as jumping, lunges, or even squats to work your legs more.
  • Sled Training: Another full body workout piece of equipment, sled training can accelerate speed, power, and fat loss. The sled pretty much builds and trains every athletic attribute you desire, this is large part to a person being able to be pushed, pulled, or dragged. If you are an athlete looking to get better conditioned or a person looking to kick your but in a workout, the sled is for you.

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