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What is Drop Set Training?

Drop set training is amazing. A technique that has been around for over 7 decades, it’s staying power validates its effectiveness. Drop set training, also known as “strip sets”, is best utilized for muscle growth, but some people claim that it can also help out with strength gains as well.


Drop sets can be done in numerous ways. In the basic scheme of things, drop sets are done when you perform a set, drop the weight and perform another set right away. Studies show that this technique causes muscular hypertrophy extensively more than conventional sets and reps.


The following are different variations of drop sets with examples:


Conventional Drop-Sets


Performing a set and dropping the weight and continuing to “rep out” the movement.


Bench Press:


1st Set- 225lbs to fatigue (continue right into next set) 2nd Set- 205lbs (20lb deduction) to fatigue (continue into next set) 3rd set – 185lbs (20lb deduction) to fatigue


Strict or “Dogma” Drop-Sets


This is done by performing the initial set, dropping the weight, and completing the next sets with a predetermined amount of reps




4 sets of predetermined reps of 12


1st Set – 315lbs x 10 reps (go right into next set) 2nd Set – 225lbs x 10 reps (go right into next set) 3rd Set – 135lbs x 10 reps (go right into next set) 4th Set – 95lbs x 10 reps


Post Fatigue Half-Reps


Starting with a lighter weight, perform the initial set until you start to feel fatigued. After fatigue sets in, instead of stripping the weight down, begin to perform half or partial reps until muscle is burned out.


Dumbbell Shoulder Presses:


1st Set – 35lbs to fatigue using full reps (then begin performing half reps until burned out) Repeat this for another 3-4 sets


Super Drop-Sets


This is done by continuing the set after the muscle is fatigued but instead of dropping weight, simply switch the exercise variation or method (bench press then close grip press then push-ups).


Bicep Curls:


EZ Bar Curl/1st Set – 60lbs to fatigue (going right into another movement) Dumbbell Curls/2nd Set – 30lbs to fatigue (going right into next movement) Preacher Curls/3rdSet – 45lbs to fatigue

Drop-set training is no joke. It has been proven to give even the most seasoned lifter one heck of a workout. If you are looking to switch things up in the gym or have noticed your gains have slowed down a bit, give drop-set training a shot!


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