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Water Aerobics


Do away with the stigmas and mindsets that you may have conjured up in the years of being a beast in the gym and a warrior with the weights. Fact is, everyone gets tired. Everyone needs a little break. Everyone needs change. Everyone needs a new challenge.


Get in the water!


When someone says, “water aerobics”, the image many get is older folks with shower caps and adult sized swimmers on with little dumbbells. Believe it or not, water aerobics is no joke and studies show that these “old people” have been doing something very awesome for their bodies.


Water aerobics are done in roughly waist high (even chest high) water. The person can add resistance by holding dumbbells or other kinds of weights, but body weight is more than ok when it comes to working out. You can be 20 years old and get a great workout with water aerobics. The water provides its own resistance but also helps with tired joints and healing muscles.


The body is much lighter when submerged in water, so it moves slower but smoother than it would outside of the water. So, if you are a bodybuilder or fitness nut looking for a break from the stress of weights but still looking at burning some calories with good resistance, water aerobics is for you. Many community pools hold water aerobics classes and you would be surprised at the people who show up. It is not just for older people, but for rehabilitation and weight loss as well.


The environment may be a little different than what you are used to if you are a gym junkie because chances are everyone is happy and social. It seems being in the water does that. You also do not have to worry about staying cooled off and sweating everywhere. Now, water aerobics does not need to replace your current routine, but can be implemented or used while you are taking a break, assuring you are still burning calories and getting a workout in.


Do not sleep on the effort needed to perform water aerobics. Your body has never gone through anything like this before, so it is guaranteed you will get a great workout from it. From a social and inspirational standpoint, you will find yourself in the presence of people who may not have the luxury to do what you can do day in and day out, and maybe you lost that appreciation. You make new friends and go back into your regular routine with a new zeal to work hard for those who are limited.


Nothing is more humbling than getting showed up by your 85-year-old neighbor when doing flutter kicks.


Being a beast can consist of floaties and little dumbbells too!



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