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What is TRX Training?

TRX Training (Total Body Resistance Exercise) is a form of training that has been around since 2005. TRX is very versatile and convenient. Made up of two straps with handles on the end and an anchor to put virtually anywhere (door way or pull up bar to name a few), TRX can be used anywhere at any time.


Founded by a navy seal, the purpose of TRX training was so workouts could be done virtually anywhere, if it be while on a mission or even on base.


TRX training allows the person to perform a wide array of body weight movements that are resistant based and engage the core, utilizing balance and stability. The exercise intensity can be set by the user themselves by the simple angle of their body away or towards the anchor point. Many athletes and military personnel utilize TRX training also for the dynamic and explosive movements incorporated with the training.


TRX training also offers sports specific training movements as well. Everything from golf to football, TRX pretty much covers it all. TRX training is many time incorporated with other training programs and routines as well due to it’s versatility. Yoga instructors have even used TRX training in their studios to help out with balance and stability.


When it comes to core training, there is not much out there than can match the intensity with the movements involved in TRX training. If it be isolated movements or regular basic movements, you will use core muscles you did not know you had. TRX allows you to hit the core transversely and laterally, not just sagittal. Many people who also have experienced injuries in the back can get a lot from this kind of training due to the ability to alter movements to a lesser intensity.


TRX training smokes out the stabilizer muscles you neglect from doing regular weight training. Many “meatheads” who can bench press a lot of weight struggle doing the simplest TRX chest movement. By implementing TRX training into your routine, you will make huge improvements to your fitness performance and become more well-rounded.


Here is a small (and I mean small) list of some TRX movements (Google or YouTube the movements):


  • Low/Back Row
  • Chest Press
  • Back Fly
  • Bicep Curl
  • Balance Lunge
  • Hamstring Curl
  • Squat
  • Back Extension
  • Spiderman Pushup
  • Crunch and Curl
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Forward Lunge to Fly


So, if your gym does not have TRX training by now, get you a set for your home. Your body will thank you!


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