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Train with Dumbbells Only

There is so much out there to learn when it comes to lifting weights. With there being so much to learn, there is also so much to get overwhelmed with. This article will discuss a topic that has been debated for quite some time when it comes to using dumbbells or barbells. Is there a benefit to using just dumbbells as opposed to using barbells? Anyone who is in the fitness world will say that if you are truly serious about making progress you will find yourself using both, but dumbbell work does have some perks worth noting.


Unilateral Training


Unilateral training is when you train individual limbs as opposed to working both together. Dumbbells allow this approach to be accomplished much easier, obviously. A perk or two with unilateral training is balance in size and even strength. Since on side cannot overcompensate for the other side, balance is easier to achieve. The downside to unilateral training would be time strain.




There is an old belief that if you own a pair of dumbbells you are good to go when it comes to working out. This is contingent on your knowledge of fitness and database of workouts, but this theory holds some merit. Dumbbell based workouts are plentiful and effective and also compliment any bodyweight exercises as well (push-ups, sit-ups, dips).




This somewhat fits into the variety section but grabbing a pair of dumbbells is easier than sliding weight on and off a barbell. The space needed as well is minimal. Transporting dumbbells are also much easier than that of lugging around a barbell.


Grip Strength


So, this fits a little in unilateral training and balance. Holding dumbbells in each hand puts more emphasis on the muscles in the forearms and hands that contribute to grip strength. Barbells make it easier to do a false grip where the thumb is not wrapped around the bar, where as a dumbbell makes the hand/limb responsible for its own weight thus forcing you to make sure you got a good grasp on it. It is in that where grip strength and utilization is promoted and enhanced. 


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