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The Sling-Shot for Stronger Bench Press

Everyone in a sense wants to lift heavy weight. Everyone also wants to progress in strength when they go to the gym. One of the most popular lifts for folks is the bench press, and big numbers is still a goal for virtually all lifters.


There are many ways to accomplish a big lift in benching. Working on technique, sticking points, and of course form. A big misconception in lifting weight is being strong is all you need, but as noted there is more at play.


When it comes to benching heavy weight in a safe manner, a sling-shot can be the answer. The sling-shot helps kill two birds with one stone. You put your arms into this small band with an opening on each end, and the band goes across the chest/upper abdomen area. It helps assist in your form for pushing max weight safely by keeping the elbows tucked into the body more which does not allow your shoulders to be as exposed. This also allows you to drive through the triceps while keeping the elbows and wrists aligned.


Push lot of weight and be safe all at the same time? Pretty nice indeed.


The science behind it is due to the “reverse band effect” it has by aiding you in lifting the heavy weight, in time this weight becomes easier and easier because the muscles become conditioned to it. This is referred to as the “future method”.

As you lift heavy weight more and more, in the future that heavy weight becomes lighter and lighter.


Make sense?


The sling-shot can also be used for push-ups as well with the same concept. Believe it or not many heavy bench pressers struggle with doing a decent number of push-ups (25-50 reps). This is because strength is relative. Some people just have that brute, 1 rep max force while others have more conditioned and stamina-based muscles. The sling-shot is worn the same way while doing a push-up and the future method still applies, only in reps as opposed to weight. The muscles become conditioned and adapt to the reps that are being imposed on them and in the future the reps will go up.


The sling-shot is simple. There is not much to it. It will however keep you safe in your training with any kind of weight, even if it is just your body weight. It has been proven to effectively get people stronger in a short amount of time as well. So if you are looking for simple and effective, the sling-shot is the piece of equipment for you.


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