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The Myth of Spot Training

The most popular question in the gym by far is, “How do I get rid of this?” In gyms, all over people attempt to get rid of problem areas by training in odd ways and doing movements that in public might get one arrested. Why? They have fallen under power and myth of spot training.


“I like every part of my body except my stomach, so I want to make my stomach is flatter but leave everything the same”. This is like taking an ice cream cone that is mixed with chocolate and vanilla, putting it in the microwave because you want to melt the chocolate off so you are left with just vanilla. It is an impossibility. While the chocolate is liquified, I am sorry to say, but so is the vanilla. The body works the same way.


Doing 100 sit ups a day is not going to melt fat off your tummy and show your six pack that is hiding, especially if you are still eating unhealthy and not doing anything else in the gym (especially cardio). Those weird side bends with a plate that seems to be the craze these days, yeah those are useless too if you are not eating right and working out hard.

Now do not get confused, a person can build up muscle groups easily by doing isolated training, and sadly when we do not take care of ourselves we find out quickly where our body wants to build fat up as well as opposed to other areas. Either way, if your focus is to try to lose fat in one area of your body, you are spot training. In other words, you are wasting your time.


This is where proper eating and effective workouts come into play more than anything. Let us say you have a large stomach. Years of drinking beer and not moving much when you do not have to has caused your midsection to just get out of control and you have decided to make a change. You get on a great meal plan and join a gym. You must go into the gym with the mindset that you are going to do a complete workover on your WHOLE body, not just the areas that need work. If you focus on just the areas you do not like, you will have lackluster workouts full of sit-ups and weird side bends. You are missing out on the big picture. By training your body as a whole, you will notice that indirectly those “problem spots” will start to go away and other areas will improve. This is why you are eating foods you might not enjoy that much and spending money for a gym membership.

Why not make it worth your while.


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