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Rest-Pause Training Technique

Every individual that hits the gym is always looking for something new to try, especially if they have noticed a plateau in their training gains. When it comes to bodybuilding, there are many different styles and methods out there, but only a few are tried and true to what they promise.


One of those methods is rest-pause training.


Rest-pause training is intense to say the least. Developed in the walls of a prison by a man by the name of Jim Williams, rest-pause training has helped many individuals accomplish awesome strength and even size. A little history lesson for you, Jim Williams was just the second individual to pass the 600-pound mark in bench press and the first to accomplish a 650-pound bench in competition. He attributed his accomplishments to rest-pause training.


Rest-pause training is versatile too. Depending if you are going for that big bench or simply big muscles, rest-pause can help you get there.


When training for strength (which most people utilize rest-pause training for), the focus is to keep the weight high and the reps low. Your focus should be around 90-95% of your 1 rep max. You shoot for getting 1-2 reps out on your first set, then take a 20-30 second rest, and perform another 1-2 reps, repeating this as much as you can. This kind of training is extremely taxing on the nervous system and precaution needs to be taken, especially if you start feeling fatigued.


Below is an example of a strength-based rest-pause training layout:



1RM = 350lbs

90% 1RM = 335lbs (weight you will be working with)

1st Set – 335lbs x 2 reps (20-30 second break) 2nd Set x 1-2 reps (20-30 second break) 3rd Set x 1-2 reps (repeat sets until you can no longer perform 1 rep)


As noted rest-pause training can also be effective for size as well. The only difference that needs to be made is lowering the weight and upping the reps. So, if we are looking at the same movement (squats), a breakdown would look like the following:


1RM 350lbs

60-70% of 1RM = 225-230lbs (weight you will be working with)

1st Set x 6-8 reps (20-30 second break) 2nd Set 6-8 reps (20-30 second break) 3rd Set 6-8 reps (repeat until lowest rep range is unachievable)


Rest-Pause training is not easy, but anything that is easy is never really effective. So, if you are looking for a challenge, give this method of training a shot!


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