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Lifting Principles for Growth

Never ever underestimate the power of simplicity when it comes to lifting for size. So many people over think, over examine, and over conceptualize the approach to getting bigger muscles. There are a few basic principles that one should adhere too when it comes to trying to get big. Follow them with a simple mind and a disciplined approach. They are the principles of:


  1. Specificity


This goes back to the SAID (specific adaptation to imposed demand) principle. Basically, this principle means to train specifically for a specific outcome. So, base your training around your goals.


  1. Progressive Overload


Simply stated, one needs to continue to overload weight progressively as their body becomes accustomed to a particular intensity level. This will promote change and help avoid plateauing.


  1. Individuality


This one kind of fits into the realm of specificity but is more based around the design of the program, taking into consideration the individual goals, needs, and abilities of the person in which a program is being made for.


  1. Variation


This is a given. This principle hits on basically “switching things up” every so often. The body can easily hit a plateau if you continue to do the same routine and workout over a long period of time. When progress is hindered and slowed down, so is motivation.


  1. Maintenance


This principle is kind of tricky, but necessary. Once you get established in a effective routine, the idea of setting the routine on “cruise control” is than considered. This basically means that you will not have to go as hard or intense as you did when you first started, so you can possibly cut back on workout time or days you are in the gym. This is good for rest and recovery as well.


  1. Reversibility


This principle is a big one and one all lifters need to know. So often people feel like if they “lay off the gas” too much when it comes to their discipline and devotion to their routine, their progress will only stop. This is just half of the story. Not only will progress halt, but the body will revert back to the beginning stage if working out all together is halted. So make sure you are at the very least living in the maintenance principle if you do not want to see your gains go bye-bye.


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