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Jettison Training Technique


Pushing yourself past the limits in bodybuilding is key to making progress. Often times, many people only go so far when it comes to intensity and going beyond their comfort zones. This plays a huge role in people experiencing a halt in their progress and ability in hitting their goals.


There are certain techniques in training that are tried and true when it comes to intensity. If performed correctly, there is no doubt these certain techniques will take you to the promise land of training, but there will be pain along with the glory.


A person who has done drop sets is well aware of pain and glory. Starting off with a weight and preset number of reps, the person goes through a pain-ridden routine of lowering the weight after each set and going right into the next set, hitting the same number of reps as the previous set before. Another technique that may not be as known as drop sets but still in its own right is everything but “comfortable”, is the Jettison technique.


The Jettison technique is one that can be incorporated with any kind of workout routine. If you possess any kind of exercise bands that promote resistance, you can do the Jettison technique. Taking the workout/exercise bands, simply attach both ends to the weight you are lifting. Making sure you are standing on the band as well to enforce the added resistance, simply perform the rep as you usually would. This added resistance and pulling forces you not only to use more strength and power through the positive part of the rep, but also maintaining control through the negative part as well, which is a burner in itself.


The fun does not stop there though. The Jettison technique is not just simply adding more resistance with an exercise band, it is a technique in how you perform your sets. Using barbell bicep curls as an example, the Jettison technique would look like the following:


With the barbell loaded with 40 pounds and the exercise band attached, perform 15 reps. After the set of 15 reps is done, remove the exercise band and do 15 reps with just the barbell and loaded 40 pounds. And finally following the 2nd set, using the exercise band only perform 15 reps of the same movement. You should have done 45 total reps in a matter of minutes in 3 different variations and forms of resistance.


That folks is the Jettison technique. As stated, if you can hook the exercise bands up to the weights you are lifting and perform the movement as well with just the bands, the Jettison technique can be applied to it.


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