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Importance of Sleep

One can find many articles on workouts, supplements, and even nutrition when it comes to hitting goals in the gym. Fitness has a common denominator when it comes to accomplishing goals; building lean muscle. In most people’s hectic lives there is also a common denominator as well; lack of sleep.


These two are counteractive when it comes to fitness.


Nutrition, workouts, and supplements are the top 3 components touted when it comes to talking about fitness and effectively hitting one’s goals. One should not “sleep” on the importance of sleep, however, here is an analogy for one to consider:


Imagine that a construction company decides to build a structure (a person choosing to workout). That construction company draws up a blueprint for the new build (a person develops a workout plan) and finds a site to build on. The company must tear down the old structure (a person working out) to build the new structure. They need tools, of course, to do this as well (developing a nutrition plan and buying supplements). Everything is set for the new build now. The construction has the blueprints, the site to build on, the tools, and the demolition has taken place of the old build.


Sleep would be a huge component of the building process.


Lack of sleep has adverse effects on a critical component of muscle building; protein synthesis.


Protein synthesis is in function occurs when blood traveling with critical components (protein and amino acids) to micro-teared muscles and assisting them in being repaired and growing bigger and stronger. A misconception of protein synthesis is that it helps build new muscle cells. This is not the case. Protein synthesis works by making current muscle cells bigger.


Working into this is also HGH (human growth hormone) levels which are at their highest studies show about 2 hours after a person falls asleep. Sleep deprivation will limit the positive effects of HGH in the body which indirectly leads to insufficient muscle growth.


Cortisol level are also heightened when sleep is lacking. Cortisol is a hormone (also known as the “stress hormone”) released by the body when undergoing strenuous workouts and acts actually as a counter to testosterone. This occurs when the hormone breaks down muscle tissues to release amino acids, so the body has energy. One can see how too much of this hormone would be counterproductive to the building process.


One who is looking to get into tip-top shape (people still say that, right?) should not “sleep” on sleep. Just as one puts effort in what they eat, how they lift, and what supplements to take, that same effort should be made into getting sleep as well.


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