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Effective Lower Ab Training

There are numerous trouble spots people have when it comes to their build. Maybe the most difficult area to target and maybe the most coveted area is the abs, in particularly the lower abs. To get those lower abs to show at all is a huge feat, but to obtain that v-line would be amazing for many. Maybe the most popular part of the mid-section trained is the obliques. You may have seen the person doing a bunch of weighted side bends? Yeah, they are training their obliques. A big reason for the popularity of training obliques is the misconception that people’s waist will get thinner. This falls into “spot training”, which says that you can target a particular area to lose fat.


Sorry, but that is just a myth.


But this article will discuss how one can get these muscles to show in all their glory. It is safe to say that everyone would like to have a tone mid-section, right?


It is very important to point out that everyone has abs and obliques, they are just covered for many by a layer of fat. By simply doing exercises to train them will not get them to show any better. One needs to eat clean and do cardio as well to burn the fat off.


Lower Abs


Many strive to have a “6-pack”. This is when all the superficial core muscles on the abdominal wall show through the skin. Some people genetically may appear to have an 8-pack or even more! Regardless, the objective is to get them to show as much as possible. The lower abs are the tricky ones however, providing the biggest challenge to get them to show. The reason? Underdeveloped muscles. Now once again, this is not claiming you can train ab muscles so much that they burn fat away. The claim being made is the abs are a muscle like any other, and if they are not targeted correctly (like the lower abs), development will lack and therefore you will not be able to see them as well as the others.


Most ab movements are geared towards the upper abs. The abs primary function is to flex the spine, so a movement that mimics that target the upper abs much more than the lower.


So, what does a person need to do?


Assuming the eating is clean, and cardio is being performed, some effective lower ab movements are:

  • Hanging Leg Raises
  • Bicycle Kicks
  • Ab Pulsing Lifts
  • Incline Reverse Crunches
  • Decline Bench Sit-Ups
  • Plank Saw
  • Pikes


Add 2-3 of these movements when training your abs. Focus on a higher rep ranger of 15-20 and do 3-4 sets. Be mindful of your lower back as well as it is highly engaged when training lower abs.


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