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Drag Curls

Maybe the biggest plague in gyms today are egos. Egos are a hindrance to many and prevent a lot of goals from being reached. This is in part to people lifting way too much weight and getting hurt, people being afraid to lift more weight and not challenging themselves enough, and people shying away from exercises that may not seem as appealing but are quite effective.


Egos suck and have no place in the gym.


Biceps are a huge ego body part. Many people go into the gym and lift way too much weight when it comes to training biceps and even stay away from certain movements that do not require a lot of weight to be effective because they do not look as “cool”.


Enter drag curls.


Drag curls are a movement maybe you have not seen much of but are an awesome way to build bigger biceps. This exercise requires strict and controlled form as well (which can also be a rarity in the gym too). This variation of curl puts emphasis on the brachialis and outer part of the bicep (long head). The secret to this is form, tempo, and squeezing at the top of the exercise.


The drag curl is done like this:


  1. Start with the bar in contact with your upper thigh. Keep your shoulders, hips and knees on the same line.
  2. As you curl the weight up, bring your elbows back slightly. The bar is kept in contact with the body always, hence the name. You literally drag the bar up your torso.
  3. The range of motion for this exercise is shorter than a regular curl, especially if you have big arms. Compensate by squeezing extra hard in the peak contraction position.
  4. Lower the bar the same way, by keeping it in contact with the body. Both a regular and reverse grip can be used effectively.

Throw the ego out the door and focus on results. The drag curl delivers an awesome bicep exercise that will add inches and thickness to your arms. You must have strict form, on point tempo, and manageable weight to give this exercise its fair shot.


Influence in the gym trumps ego every time. Be a “body of reason” with a sensible and smart mindset when it comes to the weights and training.


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