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Caveman Training

There are many cool names for workouts and routines in the fitness world, but “Caveman Training” seems to be pretty legit. If you are looking for something innovative and intense, all while achieving muscle and great conditioning, caveman training is for you.


A calculated mix of traditional and novel strength, along with conditional exercises, this form of training is known and prided on its specificity as much as its difficulty. It produces quick and measurable results whether one is seeking mass or definition. Caveman training is also great to help boost performance in a particular sport or activity.


Many times, our culture identifies ultimate manhood with cavemen. This form of training is not just for men however, women can get down with it as well. Its purpose is to get you to push through boundaries and keep excelling in everyday life and sport. Think of traditional training methods and turn it up to 11! Each set is only a few reps but still very intense. After each set you move on to the next movement. Mastering each movement is essential to continue to build on them to further strengthen your muscles.


A sample workout week for Caveman training would look like the following:


  • Monday – Strength Focused Workout – Deadlifts & Overhead Presses
  • Tuesday – Off or HIIT Focused Cardio
  • Wednesday – Caveman Training Session
  • Thursday – Off or HIIT Focused Cardio
  • Friday – Strength Focused Workout – Squats & Heavy Pulling or Rowing
  • Saturday – Caveman Training Session
  • Sunday – Off or HIIT Focused Cardio


As you see there is only a few days where you are doing Caveman training sessions because of the intensity. But the focus throughout the week is conditioning, strength, and building.

Some of the more popular Caveman movements and functional training exercises (along with the equipment needed) you will find are:


  • Hip Hinge Dead Lift
    Olympic Barbell, Sandbag or Kettlebell
    Two-Handed Kettlebell Swing Kettlebell
  • Suitcase Dead Lift
    Olympic Barbell, Sandbag or Kettlebell
  • Sumo Squat Dead Lift
    Olympic Barbell, Sandbag or Kettlebell
    Pistol Squat Bodyweight or Kettlebell
  • Pull-up
    Bodyweight or Kettlebell
  • Chin-up
    Bodyweight or Kettlebell
  • Chest Push-up
    Bodyweight or Sandbag
  • Tricep Push-up
    Bodyweight or Sandbag
  • High Plank
    Bodyweight or Sandbag
  • Jumping Burpee
  • Wide Grip Bent-Over-Rows
    Olympic Barbell, Sandbag or Kettlebell
  • Close Inverted Grip Bent-Over-Rows
    Olympic Barbell, Sandbag or Kettlebell
  • Shoulder Press
    Olympic Barbell, Sandbag or Kettlebell
  • Bent Side Press
  • Tire Flip/Lift



  • Sledgehammer Moves




Having 5-10 movements in a single routine is suggested. A rep range of 3-7 with about 3-4 total sets are a good start. Few breaks, lift hard, move quick, and sweat a lot!


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