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Booty Building 101

It goes by many names. It serves many purposes. It is also the largest muscle in the body. It also has maybe the coolest anatomical name in the body (gluteus maximus), but this article it will simply be referred to as the “booty”.

The booty is large and powerful because it has a very significant purpose. It keeps the trunk of the body upright and erect in posture and also serves as the head or “chief” antigravity muscle that aids in the body walking upstairs. The look of one’s booty can rely on genetics as well. Some people are born with prominent ones, while others lack. It is also believed that only women care about having a round, firm booty. This is far from the truth. Men in gyms have taken note and are not relying just on squats and lunges to build up their booty. A strong looking booty does not just “fit”, it also says “strong and healthy”. Either way, the booty can be trained directly and isolated along with it’s participation indirectly in many other exercises and daily functions.


By noting the function of the booty, this helps give an idea of how to train it. By it having a focus on keeping the trunk upright and erect, it is common knowledge to assume getting the truck to lower (squatting) will cause resistance and therefore work it. But looking at the antigravity function spoke about earlier when it comes to going up stairs, this shines light on not only the trunk, but the hips and legs individually. This allows the booty to be isolated far more than any squat or even lunge movement could do. This is not implying that those movements are not effective, but do not make them the only thing you do to train your rump.


The following are great movements (minus squats or lunges) to build up your booty in no time:

  • Deadlifts (conventional or stiff-legged)
  • Hip Thrusters (lying on ground with feet elevated or with barbell and feet planted)
  • Leg Presses (close and high foot position)
  • Back Extensions (focus on the squeeze at the top of the rep)
  • Donkey Kicks
  • Kettle Bell Swings
  • One-Legged Cable Kickbacks
  • Weighted PlyoBox Step-Ups (dumbbell in each hand or barbell on back)


These are just a very few of the awesome isolated movements out there to train one’s booty. And also remember, do not shy away from the big, compound movements such as a squat, deadlift, and cleans for they all work the entire posterior chain (which the booty is a part of). Simply begin to incorporate these isolated movements in with a leg day or even give your booty its own day.


I am sure your booty can take it.


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