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Benefits of Group Training

Staying on track when it comes to fitness is a tough road. Accountability is a huge component of that. Many people may use money as a sense of accountability. Buying a gym membership or even hiring a trainer can convince people that it will cause them to stick to the mission because they have money vested to the purpose.


Money is not that great of a bonding agent when it comes to fitness.


The best form of accountability is actually fellowship and people. If you can find someone to walk that “tough road” with you, it truly helps. When it comes to the actual act of working out, group training or classes are awesome as well!


When looking at group training formats, the feeling of being the “only one on the struggle bus” tends to fade away. It also opens up the lines of communication and the ability to form some pretty awesome relationships with people. Nothing is more soothing and comforting than finding someone who is in the same situation as you when it comes to trying to find their way in the fitness world.


A very popular form of group training is Cross-Fit. One of Cross-Fit’s claim to fame is the group training format. People come into a Cross-Fit box not knowing completely what to expect but feel comfortable because they are most likely not the only one there who is new. Not only that but many people who enter a Cross-Fit box were invited by someone who already belongs to the box.


Fitness and group classes are very popular in gyms to this day. Many people that have a gym membership will not ever step foot in the exercise area for individuals but only come to workout in the group classes. The draw is the people and group format. People just feel comfortable around others who are going after the same thing; results.


The old saying is “misery loves company”. No one should look at the gym and fitness as misery, but it is hard to make those lifestyle changes alone. Being in a group class puts everyone on the same page in the same atmosphere doing the same routine. That is not just fellowship but comradery. Comradery forms friendships outside of the gym and that keeps the “struggle bus” going, and in time, the road gets a little smoother and ride gets a little nicer.


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