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Anaerobic vs. Aerobic Exercise: The Debate For Better Fat Loss

As a constant regular at the gym, you may engage in a variety of workouts to shed the fat.  By incorporating numerous exercises that help you lose weight, you’ll experience fast results.  One way to gain an edge on losing body fat is by finding out what works best---anaerobic or aerobic exercise.


Aerobic exercise is practiced at a slow, steady pace in which slow-twitch muscle fibers are used—and implies “with oxygen”.  This is beneficial for enhancing endurance, and getting you into tip-top shape.  Aerobic exercise pertains to longer, endurance-based exercises.


Anaerobic activity means “without oxygen”.   For instance, with anaerobic activity, you’ll lose your breath faster.  Simply put, this type of exercise involves short bursts of high-impact activity.    


Which is better for fat loss?


Well, the difference is simply the amount of oxygen levels that each one uses.  If you are trying to lose weight, you may benefit more from aerobic weight training.  For example, lifting high reps leads to more breathing, and aerobic oxygen, which is needed to burn fat. In addition, lifting more sets at this rate of repetitions will lead to increased oxygen intake, thus leading to more fat loss.


In contrast, lifting lower reps causes you to breathe less---which is considered an anaerobic activity such as powerlifting.  If you strictly want to increase your strength, then you should engage in lower reps. 


Higher repetition ranges are ideal for aerobic weight training and anaerobic activity (powerlifting) have much lower repetition range.


It’s just a matter of what your goals are.  Do you want to lose body fat or do you want to bulk up and focus on strength?  Many have the misconception that lifting more weight will lead to fat loss.  If you want a leaner physique and something else besides strength, then aerobic training may be your best bet.  Though it might be a tough habit to break, it may be time to give up your powerlifting.  Are you ready to choose the training exercise that will burn more fat?


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