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AM vs PM Workouts. Which is Better?

It is a question that has been answered on numerous levels in different variations with all kinds of “scientific” information on why one is better than the other-

Should one workout in the morning or in the evening?


This article will not be too scientific but simpler and hopefully effective in understanding.


One can easily overthink many facets of fitness in the journey and goal of obtaining truth and answers (kind of like life, right?). Most of the time the answer is right there so it is evaluated, studied, but at times never used.

When it comes to this subject of morning workouts versus pm workouts one needs to grasp that the answer is may be simple. Many however have a different viewpoint because of second hand knowledge they have obtained.

What if there was no better option? What if the answer simply lied in the person and their schedule. One day the morning may be better than the evening. One day maybe a workout has to be done in the evening as opposed in the morning. What can happen so easily is people will think that one is better than the other so if they miss out working in the desired time slot, they may feel the day is lost and not workout. Supposed “knowledge” can be dangerous. It can hinder. One must look at their life and schedule and see what fits into their fitness routine.


Never under mind wisdom. We overlook wisdom daily and rely on knowledge. Not just in fitness, but in life in general. What is knowledge without wisdom?


Knowledge without wisdom is like a car that has not been assembled. You have all the parts, but those parts are not put together in harmony and it has no ability to move down the road. It is simply just parts. No purpose, no action, no relevance. Many have had conversations with people who are very knowledgeable but lack wisdom? It is running wild in life, especially in fitness.


The first step in keeping anything simple and effective is to use wisdom.


So, does one workout in the morning or in the evening? Knowledge would give you a scientific reason to do one or the other.


If a person works out right after they wake up (morning or night), they will be set for the day and ready to go. One may struggle through the workout more because they just woke up, but it is better for time management.


Evening folks might say because the body is awake and ready to go, and your central nervous system has been firing all day so a better connection with your mind and muscles are present. Therefore, workouts will be more effective.



Do not overlook the objective of getting in the gym.  Taking one day at a time and not basing your day around your workouts but your workouts around your day.



Family? Relationship? Married? Busy job?


Keep it simple. Take what the day gives for a workout, get to the gym, and get busy!


Do not miss a day of working out because knowledge tells you the “best time” to workout was missed.


Morning workouts versus pm workouts?


Who cares. Just workout.


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