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5 Best Calves Exercises

Working out and building the body is a challenge. Trying to obtain and achieve a balance is very difficult, especially when you are dealing with muscles that seem to be stubborn and not want to grow. Another issue with obtaining a balance with the body when it comes to building muscle is neglect. Sadly, certain muscle groups are neglected more than others in the gym.


When it comes to both neglect and even stubbornness of a muscle group, calves take the title. Calves are a muscle group that require not only consistency, but intensity as well. Variation is important but making sure that you stick to what works for you is the best approach. This may be only two different movements in which you should do more sets. Some people throw 3 or 4 different movements at their calves to get them to grow.


The following list is the top 5 calve movements you can do to promote growth:

  1. Farmer Walks

This movement is awesome for more than just calves, but they are great for growing them! Grab a pair of heavy dumbbells which are a weight you can walk roughly 20 yards. When walking, emphasize on coming up on your tippy toes when you step to get the calves screaming. Going 3 or 4 rounds at walking 20 yards each round would be good.

  1. Seated Calf-Raises

This is a great movement for working the soleus, or the outer sweep of the calves. Find a weight that you can drop your heel down fully with complete stretch at the bottom of the movement and then come up on the ball of your feet with a short pause, do roughly 15 reps at 3 or 4 sets.

  1. Standing Calf-Raises

Maybe the oldest of the calf exercises, but also maybe the most effective. Either using simply your bodyweight or a conventional machine, make sure you are hitting a full range of motion in getting your heels down and getting up high on the balls of your feet, holding it for a second or two. Higher reps are always great for hitting calves, doing 3 to 5 sets with this movement.

  1. Donkey Calf Raises

Another old one, and also a little unorthodox, a donkey calf raise is very effective at stretching out and elongating the calves. By leaning over, that action stretches out the calves and hamstrings, putting the muscles in a constant stretched state. Adding extra weight to the back will only increase the resistance.

  1. Weighted Incline Walking

This one is very effective and can also be started out without weights. Get on a treadmill and focus on walking at an incline, over emphasizing the stepping motion to work and engage the calves. You do not need speed for this, just motion throughout the foot. When you feel like added intensity is needed, grab a couple of dumbbells to hold in your hand.


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