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30 Minute Fat Loss Workout

Heart Rate Zone and Effective Quick Workouts


You find out as you get older that the years go by faster and the days seem longer. This is one of life’s many mysteries it seems. But when it comes to the day and trying to meet all the demands, sometimes the gym falls on the bottom of the list of priorities.


If you are a parent or just busy with your career, it is obvious that making more time is not the issue as much as managing the time you have. We all have 24 hours in a day, how you spend them is what matters. With that concept, quality of time spent matters too. When it comes to the gym, this is very crucial to remember.


We all want to achieve a common goal when it comes to the gym and our time spent there: lose fat. The old mindset of needing a “good hour” to workout is no more. With access to all this workout information, theories and mindsets, where do you start? What works? Well a lot of time can be wasted trying to figure this out or you can get discouraged and overwhelmed and just not go to the gym. That is why keeping it simple and effective is always the best approach. This article will be just that: simple and effective.


So here is the layout, you have 30 minutes to get a workout in. You want as much fat loss as possible in the allotted 1800 seconds you are about to spend in the gym. Do you focus on just cardio or do you go into lifting some weights?




Maybe this seems like a safe answer to give but the questions are not so much what you do as much as it is how you do it. The equalizer with cardio and weight lifting is heart rate.


Where many people miss the mark when it comes to cardio and even weight lifting is getting their heart rate up too high or too low. Moderate intensity levels of cardio and even super setting in lifting is a great way to keep your heart rate in that fat burning zone.


Proper Heart Rate Zone


We want to get our heart rate in a “fat burning zone”. There is a simple and effective way of figuring out the zone we need to be in for this. First, we have to find your individual maximum heart rate. You do this by taking 220 and minus your age. That number is your maximum heart rate. You then take that number and 60%-70% of that number is your fat burning hart rate zone. So, a 35-year-old person would look like this:


220-35=185 bpm(MHR) 185x.65=120 bpm (Fat Burning Zone)


So, when it comes to the gym, quantity of time is not always the key component. Quality of time is imperative when in the gym. Anyone can go to the gym for 2-3 hours and do nothing, but only the tried and true can implement a good 30 minute, fat loss workout in their demanding life and accomplish a lot. Get your heart rate where it needs to be, and watch the fat start to drip away. Remember, we cannot make more time, we can just manage what we have.


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