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Why a Multi-Vitamin?


People can easily get lost in the vanity side of health and fitness. The “look” becomes the focus, and the overall health takes a back seat. I lot of what can feed into that mindset is busy lives and lackluster eating habits.


When it comes to getting all the minerals and vitamins our bodies need, it can be a challenge. People can easily short change themselves by not having a well rounded and sensible eating plan. The focus once again becomes more of “look” so the method of eating is based around that which can leave the body lacking in the vitamin department.


Something that can easily make up some of that deficit in daily vitamin requirements is taking a multi-vitamin pill. One pill contains an abundant amount of minerals and vitamins that your body needs and benefits from having. Many of these vitamins are available in food sources, but once again, your eating might not be where it should be for numerous reasons.


Some notable benefits of taking a multi-vitamin are:


  1. Increased/higher energy levels


When you are lacking in vitamins and minerals, the body has to work harder to do any task, even the simplest ones. This can lead to a state of fatigue and even other health problems.


  1. Reduces anxiety/stress


The body uses B vitamins to convert food into energy, helps the nervous system run smooth, and produces stress hormones. A multi-vitamin does its job in replenishing the body’s supply of those B vitamins.


  1. Improved mood


Supplying the body with enough vitamins and minerals has shown in studies to improve the brain functions responsible for mood.


  1. Maintained muscle strength


Taking a daily multi-vitamin can help keep the free radicals that contribute to muscle aging related problems in check.


  1. Improved memory


Studies show that B vitamins help out with short-term memory function. So, by taking a multi-vitamin once a day, you will do better at remembering to take one the next day. That is called a “win-win”.


1UP Nutrition has a multi-vitamin that provides you with all the vitamins and minerals your body needs, promotes energy, and also enhances metabolic health! Multi-Go for Men and Multi-Go for Women is a must have in your supplement arsenal.


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