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Whole Foods vs Processed Foods

It cannot be stressed enough the importance of nutrition in anything in life, especially fitness. We basically get out of our body what we put into it. Our bodies are like vehicles that require a high premium grade of fuel to function effectively and efficiently. Taking out the vanity side of working out (how you look), and focusing first on how you feel and your health, having a body that performs effectively and efficiently not just in the gym, but in everyday life is imperative to a healthy lifestyle.


So often people lead and are driven by how they look, with a hope that good health will emerge from accomplishing their physical objectives. All too often a person can appear to be in shape but have health issues going on internally, such as high cholesterol or even heart problems. When people lead with getting into healthy habits, beginning with food first, good looking builds are almost assured.


When it comes to nutrition, there are two different classes of food out there that can be examined.


Whole Foods


Just as the name applies, a whole food basically consists of one ingredient. Foods such as vegetables, fruits, lean meats, fresh fish, eggs, low fat milk, plain yogurt, and cottage cheese are all examples of a whole food. There is nothing added to them for flavor or to preserve them. These foods will assist you in reducing cholesterol levels, regulating blood sugar levels, keeping your risk diabetes at bay, and helping out in weight management and control.


Processed Foods


Another name that is somewhat self-explanatory, processed foods imply that they are man made and developed. Why would man want to interfere with taking a whole food and changing it into something else? People like things that taste good and last a long time. Companies who make processed foods know this and will go almost to anything length to accomplish meeting those needs of the consumer. It is a business. Foods such as fruit and vegetable juices, fruit that is canned in heavy syrup, fruit snacks, fish sticks, bacon, sausage, hot dogs, deli meats, ice cream bars, sweetened yogurts, and many more. Processed foods are filled with additives and preservatives such as salts, sugars and other chemicals to make them taste good and last longer. The downside of course is one’s health and the effects on it. Eating too many processed foods can have an adverse effect on cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, heightened risk of diabetes, and of course rapid weight gain.


This article is not telling you to go out and throw everything away that is processed in your cupboards and refrigerator. By understanding the difference between whole foods and processed foods and their effects on your body, you will be able to make more of an educated and healthy decision when it comes to what you eat and how much of it you eat.


Regardless of how good food can taste, it should be seen as a necessity before it is ever looked at as a luxury.


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