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It is always awesome to be able to get a great workout in in a short matter of time. Being able to scorch your muscles, get a great pump, and burn some fat in the process is an amazing and fulfilling thing.


This is accomplished through having a plan of attack.


A great approach to building muscle and getting your heart rate up is tri-sets. Tri-sets are a step up from super-sets. A super-set is when you perform two different exercises for two different muscle groups without any rest in between. So, if you are training shoulders and biceps, you would perform a set of military presses and go right into a set of dumbbell curls. A tri-set is similar but instead of doing two exercises, you perform 3.


So, you would choose 3 muscle groups you want to hit that session and plan out what movements you will be performing so you know which one to go right into after one is done. As you can imagine, this is a pretty intense way of training. You are doing 3 sets of 3 different movements for 3 different muscle groups, all without a break.


One can easily see the fat burning benefits of this as well. By performing so many sets and reps in such a short amount of time with no break, the cardiovascular system gets a workout as well. In that the body burns fat at a much more accelerated rate as opposed to the traditional 1 set at a time with a 1 to 3-minute break in between.


Tri-sets are also a time saver. As you can imagine the more intense a workout is, the shorter it will be because the body can only stand up to so much abuse. Tri-sets are great for a good 15-30-minute workout with the fulfillment of knowing you hit numerous muscle groups effectively. A good rule of thumb with tri-sets are either higher reps (12-15) per set and 2 sets total or a moderate amount of reps (6-10) with 3 sets total per movement. So, in a total tri-set group you will be doing 6 to 9 working sets total in a very short amount of time while hitting 3 different muscle groups.


So next time you are pressed for time and want to beat up as much of your body as possible in a short amount of time, give tri-set training a try!


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