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The Wonders of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

 Sometimes it is the simple things in life that promote the biggest change. In the sports nutrition world this product is called conjugated linoleic acid, or “CLA”.


CLA has a natural occurrence in meat and dairy products. It also is a fatty acid and in the sports nutrition world is a very popular dietary supplement to help people lose fat, keep the fat off, and prevent muscle catabolism while maintaining muscle mass. It has also been known to help treat a very common form of diabetes found in obesity: type 2. Other diseases that CLA has been used to treat is heart disease and certain forms of cancer.


CLA does aid in overall weight loss but where it seems to have the biggest effect is when it comes to body composition change. When anyone speaks of fitness, the collective thought and goal is “lose fat, keep muscle”. CLA has been shown to focus more on melting fat away than overall body weight. An example would be a person who consumes 1200 calories daily and works out 5 days a week. In a month that person without CLA could lose 20 pounds. Sounds pretty good, right? Out of that 20 pounds only 8 pounds of it was fat while the other 12 pounds was muscle. Not so appealing, is it? Your body composition might start to get a little out of balance. This is where a person might start to look “frail” or weak. Now let us take a person on the same diet regiment and workout routine. In a month, they only lose 15 pounds, but 10 pounds was fat and the other 5 pounds was muscle. That sounds better, right? Numbers on the scale only tell so much.


CLA is sold in different concentrations as well. A very effective concentration for weight loss is any brand with an 80% purity. When it comes to sports nutrition products and supplements many people believe to get the best products you will have to spend some money to get it. CLA shatters the paradigm.


The benefits and wonders of CLA have been solid and effective which is why this product has been a regular in many professional fitness and bodybuilder’s supplement stack. It is cost effective and versatile in usage. It is easy to buy the flashy item on the shelf, but in doing some research and homework, the simple product holds the results the consumer is looking for.


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