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The Significance of Protein

The body is an amazing vessel and gift. It can be quite the task to keep the body going strong these days with all the temptations of not so healthy choices out there when it comes to diet and nutrition. When it comes to consuming anything worthwhile (healthy or not), there is a fundamental macronutrient that is important.




Many have a general idea of protein and what it does. But it is imperative if one is really serious about their fitness goals to have a good grasp on protein and why it is not only important for your fitness endeavors but vital for your lifestyle as well.


As noted above, protein is one of three macronutrients (carbs and fats are the other two). Protein, as many people know, is essential for building muscle mass. It is found usually in animal products but also found in nuts. When broken down in the body, protein helps to feed muscle mass. This is also a huge positive for one’s metabolism. Each gram of protein contains 4 calories and in total protein makes up about 15-20% of a person’s body weight.


Protein is best utilized through eating protein based foods such as steak, turkey, chicken, Greek yogurt, eggs, lentils, peanut butter, and mixed nuts (to name a few). However, when it comes to fitness and bodybuilding, required protein levels are not as easy to hit with food alone. An average person (someone not involved in fitness) should consume around 1 gram of protein per 2 body lbs. So, someone who is 180lbs will consume around 90 grams a day. Now when a bodybuilder is considered or someone who is extremely active in fitness in general, the amount of protein intake daily goes up substantially due to the muscles needing to recover and rebuild. Daily protein intake now can go from 1 gram of protein per body pound all the way up in some cases to 2 grams per body pound (and sometimes more!).


With daily levels of protein being higher, one would start resorting to protein shakes. Most contain a pretty significant amount of protein, ranging anywhere from 15-25 grams of protein per serving. Protein shakes instantize (dissolve when they come into contact with fluid) pretty quickly and for the most part taste pretty good. This serves as a big help when trying to get more than an ideal amount of protein in daily and juggling a busy life. Protein shakes are quick, easy, and effective.


Protein also has a huge significance when it comes to assisting in weight loss. Out of the 3 macros, protein is the most satiating (fulfilling). So, when one eats a high protein diet, they will be less tempted to indulge and overeat. This is another perk of a protein shake. It can be utilized as a meal replacement to keep cravings at bay through out the day.


So, when formulating an eating plan either for a healthier lifestyle or to get big in the gym, one should evaluate their goals and what they want to accomplish. Protein should be the foundation of that diet and make up at the very least 40% of your daily calories (4 calories per gram of protein, remember?).


You cannot under mind protein and its significance. Luckily for you we have 5 amazing flavor of whey protein and 2 flavors of organic vegan protein to keep your protein intake optimal J


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