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The KETO Diet

Discovering the Kato Diet:  One Amazing Way to Lose Weight

The keto diet is one way to lose weight effectively.  This no - carb (except dietary fiber) diet, high-fat diet generates ketones within the liver, which can be positively used for energy.  As you consume a high-carb diet, the body uses glucose to enhance energy.  In contrast, a low-carb diet causes you to go into a state of ketosis, which naturally helps the body survive when you consume less food. 

This process allows you to create significant ketones—and is fueled from the breakdown of fats in the liver.  When you burn ketones as an energy source, the most productive levels of ketones occur, and help to substantially reduce body weight. Though this is considered a high fat, low carb diet, this plan offers a variety of positive effects to shed the pounds. With its ability to reduce your levels of insulin, you’ll be able to burn fat quickly and effectively. 

One of the body’s main fuel sources, the ketogenic diet relies on fats rather than carbohydrates to help you successfully lose weight.  Considered to be an important form of ATP, (energy source) this diet will increase your energy throughout the day.

With this plan, you’ll feel full faster, which will result in reduced hunger, thus causing rapid weight loss.  Being able to control insulin is a big factor in improving your overall long-term health and body fat.  This diet keeps these levels intact, controls your carb intake, and in turn, manages your weight successfully.

  In addition, having a diet high in carbohydrates causes you to feel lethargic, and doesn’t give you proper energy to stay active and burn calories. Have you ever eaten a large pasta meal only to find yourself back in the kitchen within an hour or two?  The ketogenic diet avoids this, and helps to cut the carbs while reducing hunger. 

As a rule of thumb, when participating in the ketogenic diet, 25% of your diet should come from protein, 5% from carbs, and 75% from fat.  By following this balance, you’ll reap satisfactory results, and be on your way to rapid weight loss.  With the many low-carb diets today, the ketogenic diet maybe the latest to fulfill your weight loss desires.  Now you can discover a new way to shed the pounds---and the keto way may be just what you need. Great 1 UP Nutrition product to take before any exercise while following a Keto Diet is KETO L-Carnitine 3500.


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