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Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

Nutrition is the most important part of health and fitness. Many can try to side step this truth, but it will always come back to prove its worth when goals are not met. When nutrition is thought of in regard to working out, two times that are usually thought of are pre and post workout times.


It is familiar for most people when they find themselves wondering what they should be eating before and after a workout. A good frame of mind to have is one is knowing that one is designed for fuel and the other is designed for recovery.


When eating before a workout, you never want to full up too much on food. Getting a small portion of food with a good mixture of carbs and protein are important. A slower acting and more complex carbohydrate source are universally best for keeping energy and even sugar levels where they need to be. Taking in too much sugar or simple carbs before a workout can lead to a “burn out” effect in the middle of the workout. Simple carbs are ok, just watch the amount.


When eating after a workout, nutrition takes on a whole other level of importance. When you are working out, you are breaking the body down, so getting the proper nutrients in is vital for recovery and rebuilding. Getting carbs in the body is vital to get blood sugar levels back to a normal state so the muscles can go into protein synthesis, which is why protein is vital.


Here are some good foods for pre and post-workout:


  • 1Up Whey Protein Powder and Tri Carb
  • Protein Bar (1Up Nutrition’s protein bars are awesome!)
  • Low fat yogurt and banana
  • Oatmeal and peanut butter/berries
  • Chicken wrap
  • 2-3 egg omelet with low fat cheese


  • 1Up Nutrition’s ISO Protein and Tri Carb
  • Low fat chocolate milk
  • Cottage cheese with an orange
  • Burger/ham with veggies
  • Toast with jelly/honey
  • Hardboiled egg with light mayo


1UP Nutrition’s Tri-Carb product is a must when looking at nutritional intake around a workout. With a special “tri-stage carb blend” that includes cluster dextrin (goes through the stomach quickly and allows the body to use it quickly for energy), Carb10 (helps with nutrient transportation and replenishing glycogen stores), and ModCarb (made from oats and grains), this product will help ensure that you are where you need to be when it comes to being on point with your carb consumption before, during, and after your workout.


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