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Intra Workout Supplementation

 Supplements are very popular these days, more so than ever. So many different brands and claims, it is hard to even know where to start. For the most part, if you have never taken supplements you will notice a difference in certain things such as energy and recovery.


Energy is needed to get going for a workout and recovery is based around what happens after the workout is finished. Many brands carry products to help meet the needs for both areas. The gold standard when it comes to a pre-workout and post-workout product is:


  • Take your pre-workout products about 30 minutes before your workout


  • Take your post-workout products no later than 30 minutes to an hour after workout


So, with that being the case, why not take something during your workouts? The good news is you can and actually should.


This is called intra workout supplementation.


There is a debate between fitness professionals that either claim intra workout supplements are a waste or that they are a must. Fact of the matter is they do help tremendously, but the question is what are “they” composed of.


With the popularity of intra-workouts on the rise, many people have done away with pre-workouts and even post work-out supplements. This is where the intra-workouts can be hindered. The more saturated the muscles are in those nutrients, aminos, and vitamins from those products, the more effective the workouts will be and the better the recovery will be. So by simply doing an intra-workout product and leaving out the pre and post will leave a lot on the table.


Another issue is these homemade “mash-up” intra drinks people make, thinking they are putting back in their body a lot of what they are taking out during their workouts. You are really not accomplishing anything special by simply mixing a pre-workout with a post-workout product and drinking it during your workout. Each product is designed for its purpose.


So, what constitutes for an intra workout drink? Well, this is where the awesomeness of BCAA’s come back into play. If you are looking at throwing your hat into the intra-workout game and do not know where to start, a great suggestion is get you some good BCAA’s with a good ratio of L-Leucine and start drinking them while you are working out. This is a balanced blend of what you need during your workout when it comes to aminos. The awesome thing is you can still take your BCAA’s with your post workout nutrition/products.





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