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Importance of Post Workout Nutrition

Getting into working out is easy for a lot of folks…


Only by comparison to nutrition.


When nutrition is brought up that popular thing to say is, “It is 70-80% of the whole thing”. Sadly, many who say this seem not to buy into it based on their actions. Many folks are in the gym hours upon hours daily, only to see them next going through a drive-through or running into them at the grocery store with a cart filled with food one should not feed a possum. Or the infamous social media photos of them drinking it up on the weekends (or even weekdays) only to see them in the gym the next day wondering why they cannot get rid of their “gut”.


Nutrition is not only important, it is key to success not only in looking good but feeling good too.


Nutrition, however, has a make or break stage as well when it comes to bodybuilding. This stage is post work out nutrition (within the first hour of working out). A good way of thinking about it is “today you are eating for tomorrow”. Many do not realize that all that is being accomplished during workouts is a complete annihilation of the body. Workouts and exercises break the body down. Sure, blood flow and muscle pumps make people feel big and strong, but a person will never big as big as their “pump”. It is a side effect of destruction, almost like dust and dirt in the air after breaking a wall down. Eventually, it settles.


Destruct to construct.


How we feed our bodies right after a workout is vital to how our body rebuilds from the workout we just put it through. Taking the body out of a catabolic or “breakdown” phase and putting it into an anabolic or “building” phase. Nutrition is the way to do this.


Once a person is done lifting, the muscles are exhausted and tired. One might feel great because of endorphins and such, but structurally the body is weakened. Glucose (sugar) levels are down during this catabolic stage because the muscles used the glucose during the workout.  By upping the glucose levels (eating a fast acting/simple carb) and getting the insulin to jump back up the body will be prompted to go into protein synthesis (the stage where the body starts building). This is aided of course with protein consumption and BCAAS. When insulin rises, nutritional uptake increases as well so the muscles get fed more effectively with the things they need to grow.


Do not sleep on the importance of actual food as well.


Many folks take just supplements when they are done working out. EAT FOOD! Even if it is a small amount of protein and a sugary carb. A few white saltines with peanut butter and jelly on them can be a quick snack to take with supplements.


Eating within that first hour of working out is critical to maintain muscle mass and put a halt to the body breaking down muscle for energy. Yes, sound nutrition is key throughout the whole day, but getting the most of one’s workouts begins with when and what one feeds their body after a good workout.


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