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How Important is Food Portion?

Like anything is life, too much of anything is not good. This is even more the case when it comes to food. The accessibility and options of food are more plentiful now than ever before. This can make it hard for a person to stick to a particular eating plan because of temptation. 


Another issue people face when trying to get healthy and lose weight is the amount of food they eat. When a person wants to get healthy and lose weight, sometimes too much emphasis is placed on what they eat as opposed to how much they eat. This is not to say that a person should eat anything they want if they eat healthy portions, but it should be recognized that portions are a very important attribute to eating sensibly and also gives a person a little bit more hope in losing weight because they see they do not have to do a big “180” to get their health back in order.


Many people go into dieting with the mindset that they have to cut all the foods out completely that they have been eating. This will in return keep them from enjoying family get together and even family meals at home with their loved ones. In time, things are weighed out with the person usually opting out of the diet because they have already marked themselves as defeated before they even truly tried.


This is where smart portions can be a saving grace.


Keeping your portions in check, along with some healthy eating substitutions, can make a world of difference. Eating with family and friends is still possible and enjoying foods you have always liked. Remember though, this does not mean you can eat whatever you want, you still need to be as “smart” as you are “sensible”.


Beware, many people will end up overeating healthier foods with the mindset that because they are simply healthier, you can get away with eating more. This is not true. Calories are calories, and over eating is overeating. So, portion size is just as important with the healthy foods as it is with the not so healthy foods.


Here are a few tips to keep portions smart and avoid overeating:


  • Eat when you’re not hungry (takes discipline but does the trick)
  • Drink more water throughout the day
  • Eat more protein (tricks the brain in thinking the belly is full)
  • Eat slower (this is a biggy, give the brain time to tell the body it is satisfied)
  • Eat food on smaller plates (more of a visual and psychological trick, but works)
  • Eat food cold, but still cooked (another one that takes discipline, but helps with keeping portions small)
  • Pour water on food when satisfied (sounds harsh and intense, but no one likes mushy food)
  • Have a small, flavorless snack in between meals (rice cakes and peanut butter with be your best friend)

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