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Getting Your “Greens and Reds”

When looking at nutrition, certain foods are promoted as “superfoods” to help supply any person with the foods they need. Foods that are certain colors believe it or not, are vital in determining what their nutritional benefits are. Maybe you yourself have always wondered why a green food or a red food are important. Well, here is a short explanation:


Red foods such as strawberries, cranberries, and pomegranate are very high in minerals, vitamins, and organic compounds like Vitamin C, magnesium, iron, and phosphorus. These help as antioxidants and in treatment with certain conditions such as anemia, indigestion, constipation, kidney disorders, cancer, and heart disease. Green foods such as spinach, green peppers, and green apples are rich in iron, vitamin b-6, protein, and dietary fibers. These foods can help out with digestive issues, prostate health, food absorption, and also act as an antioxidant.


This is just a short list of “superfoods” and their benefits.


With an array of foods to choose from and consume, getting them in can be a challenge, especially if you are pressed for time. 1UP Nutrition has a special product for vegans out there or anyone looking at making the consumption of these awesome “superfoods” much easier and quicker. 1UP Nutrition’s Vegan Greens and Reds Superfoods product has all you need to get the benefits of superfoods. With an organic greens complex, organic antioxidant reds complex, and metabolic and probiotic complexes, this product delivers on so many levels. This product will assist in overall health, wellness, and alkalinity (water’s ability to act as a buffer to neutralize acids). Alkalinity is important because it helps ensure the body’s water ph balance is on point.


Superfoods (greens and reds) are not just for vegans, they are for anyone looking to get serious about their health. Getting these foods in will benefit you short term and long term and help coincide with an objection of eating only the most natural foods.


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