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Foods that Kill Cravings

Cravings suck. Why? They are the first step or stage in killing a good day or days’ worth of clean eating. How often have you found yourself going days (or maybe just a few hours) of eating very clean and “on plan”, just to all of a sudden have a craving to eat something that you know you shouldn’t.


Sweets? Soda? Bread and pasta in bulk? (Do not remind you, right?)


Believe it or not, there are ways to suppress and even kill those craving before they manifest into something dangerous. It takes discipline to recognize when the craving is coming so you can destroy it before it even becomes anything threatening. The best way to kill a craving for unhealthy “off plan” foods are, well food.


Certain foods will actually help with calming and eventually killing the craving for food you should not be eating or overeating.




Apples are a phenomenal food to eat if you are craving sugar. Why? Well, because apples have sugar in them. But given the fact that most sugary foods that people crave are not that of a fruit nature and are overeaten, the apple can do the trick. Also, an apple already has the portion size needed to satisfy, being that it is one apple. Better than just going back over and over again getting candy out of a bag.




Blueberries have a lot of fiber in them and, you guessed it, sugar. Combine them with something like nuts and you can kill two birds with one stone (or snack) by providing something sweet in the blueberries and something crunchy in the nuts.




No better time than to put this on the list. Nuts are packed with good fats and protein, which are great at making the body feel full and satisfied. Nuts are also very diverse in what they can be mixed with (such as blueberries). Get about a cup worth of nuts in a baggie and keep it with you throughout the day as a “911” cravings stash.


Spicy Foods


This of course if for only a select few who can tolerate spicy foods. And this is not “melt your face off” kind of spicy, but simply foods that have a little “zing” to them. Or using spices to give ordinary foods a little zing will help out as well. Studies show spicy foods help control appetite and also keep the metabolism cranking. Give it a shot!




Maybe the most important one on the list and the most overlooked. Water can do wonders for your cravings. Many times, when you think you are hungry or even craving something, did you know there is a possibility that you are just thirsty? The brain will send out signals to the body that mimic that of being hungry but in actuality you may just need a drink of ice cold water. Always keep water on hand throughout the day. Water will also help in metabolism function and boosting!


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