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Egg Whites or the Whole Egg

It has been a heated debate for years now. When it comes to the egg, there are two mindsets and cultures involved. There are a group of people who believe you should only eat the egg white because it is supposed to “healthier”, and people who think you should eat the whole egg because you are wasting a lot of the best part of the egg by just eating the whites.


In a sense, both sides are correct.


One must simply decide what their goals are when it comes to eating this majestic, low calorie, easy to prepare source of micronutrients and protein. Many people in fitness have eggs somewhere in their meal plan. This is because eggs can either be prepped as a full out meal or just a snack. Their popularity is not so much based on their flavor, but on the numerous ways they can be prepared and even transported.


An egg white is usually consumed by the serious folks who are strictly eating it for the protein source. Calories are dropped when eating just the whites significantly because of all the micronutrients and fats being excluded.


A whole large egg contains about 70 calories. These calories are made up of 6 grams of protein and 0 carbs. The treasure though lies in the micronutrients, or vitamins, in a whole egg. Vitamins such as A, D, E, and K make up much of the ingredients in the yolk and are also fat-soluble. These vitamins are important are numerous levels, but also help contribute to energy throughout the day since the body stores them in fatty tissues and the liver for future use. So, saying a whole egg is unhealthy is not true if consumed in proper portions, because in reality if anything is overconsumed it can easily become unhealthy.


So when it comes to the great egg dilemma, it truly depends on you. If you are watching calories and just focused on proteins and little fats, just go for the whites. Egg beaters are a phenomenal and convenient way to get the egg whites only in your eating. If you are looking for the protein and more of a complete source of healthy micronutrients, the egg as a whole is a pretty tough act to beat. Even eating an egg as a whole keeps the calories pretty low.


Scramble them, hard-boil them, fry them, whatever – eggs are just a all around great food to have in your daily eating.


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