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Egg Protein vs Meat Protein

Protein comes from many different places these days. Based off of your lifestyle and choice of eating, you may find yourself eating more of one thing as opposed to another. When it comes to meat and eggs, many people are curious about which is better for you when it comes to protein. When looking at the two, the comparison is not that simple.


Protein is the building blocks of the body’s cells, muscles, tissues, and organs. When carbohydrates are low, protein also serves as an imperative and valuable energy source. Eggs and meat both are rich in protein and are both actually considered complete sources of protein, but the amount of protein per serving size is where the difference can be seen.


When looking at a large egg, there is about 6 grams of protein. With meats and the different forms of meat, the amounts of protein vary per serving size. When looking at a 3 oz serving of lean beef, there is roughly 18 grams of protein. But if you look at a 3 oz serving of lean turkey, the protein content goes up to 19 grams of protein. This only gives a slight insight of the difference in protein levels.


When looking at protein from the same serving size standpoint, the picture is much more clear. Eggs contain roughly .13 grams of protein per gram while chicken breast, lean beef and pork loin contain .21 grams of protein. So, between the two, it is obvious that meat is the more protein abundant of the two. Eggs however, seem to be much more versatile in cooking and are easier to consume because of the numerous ways they can be cooked. Many people prefer to eat eggs as well because of lifestyle reasons, so eating meat is just not going to happen. Also, the health benefits from eggs in regard to minerals outweigh that of meat.


So, when looking at egg protein or meat protein, balance is key. Meat outweighs eggs in protein content per gram, but eggs provide a more versatile and healthier component to consuming protein. So, take your pick on what you want to consume.


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