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Eating Right Before Bed [ Yes or No? ]

Many times, in life it is not simply the act, but how the act is committed that makes a difference. This of course goes for fitness as well. One can say do a squat, but one must know HOW to do a squat properly. On the nutritional side of things, this happens all the time.


There is an age-old tale about eating right before bed. Many believe that if one decides to eat anything before bed they will get fat or gain weight. There is more to this tale that needs to be told however. First, one needs to think calorie consumption. If eating that last meal of the day puts you over your intended calorie mark for the day, then yes you could put on a few pounds. Many times, due to the negative stigma of eating right before bed, so many people go to bed starving when they could actually spare to have a small snack.


Do not fall victim to stigmas.


Lastly, this is probably the most important aspect of eating at night that needs to be understood, it is what we choose to eat right before we go to bed that can have adverse effects. Remember what was said earlier about many people go to bed starving? When we are hungry we tend to make some pretty bad decisions when it comes to eating. A wise person once said never go grocery shopping hungry. This is so true.


The reason for these bad choices vary. One is due to being on a lower calorie diet throughout the day, one will crave food toward the end of the day when the body is getting tired. In time however, the body adapts, and cravings should subside. Another reason is people who eat unhealthily throughout the day-lots of unhealthy carbs and sugars-, eventually have a drop towards the evening where they feel sluggish (carb crash). A contingent feeling of that can be hunger because the body wants those sugar levels to get right back up where they have been all day. This can lead to more than weight gain, but also diabetes.


If a person is eating healthy and staying active, a fat and carb (FC) snack before bed is fine. It will aid and support your metabolism which in return means your body will keep burning fat while you sleep.


Having something in your stomach while you sleep will help with keeping blood sugars level which means you will be healthier all the way around.


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