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Digestive System and Muscle Gains

A term that many have heard about in the past few years is “gut health”. The “gut” in health and fitness is more than the stomach. It is actually the digestive system as a whole in a sense, starting with the mouth.


The mouth is where food is mashed up and mixed with saliva. Then, the esophagus shuttles the chewed food into your stomach, where acid and contractions turn it into slush. That slush is then pushed into the small intestine, where nutrients are absorbed into your bloodstream. The remaining food particles make their way into the large intestine, where they’re broken down by bacteria.


Certain unhealthy bacteria can thrive in our digestive systems which causes a huge hindrance on any kind of muscle gains. One bacteria that is common in some is H. pylori. This bacterium affects the stomach lining which can lead to ulcers. The appendix, which is a small pouch at the end of the colon, can become infected which in return can let bad toxins into the bloodstream.


That is not all.


When you get put on different medications, it can lead to esophagus issues and infections. Follow that up by contracting certain fungal issues that will prevent your body from absorbing vital nutrients, the picture of how an unhealthy digestive system can have an adverse effect on gaining muscle begins to appear.


If the body is unable to absorb protein, carbs, or fats, the body is put in a very tough spot, and it is not one that based around anything related to building.


These microbes, or bacteria, in a nut shell alter the way we store and hold on to fat, how we balance our sugar levels, and our natural response to hormones that tell us we are hungry or full. If you possess the wrong set of microbes, it seems you could be on a crash course to having many health issues that stem from obesity and diabetes.


Once again, building muscle becomes much more of a challenge.


This bacterium however can be fought and even prevented. Foods that contain fiber, probiotics, and prebiotics can help with gut health in immense ways. Fiber of course will help regulate the speed in which food moves through your gut, which contributes to staying regular. Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms found in certain foods. They are the “good” microbes that fight the bad ones that are in the foods we eat or seem to get stronger while we are ill. Prebiotics are food for the probiotics. They provide back up and sustainability for the probiotics which keeps them effective and strong against the bad microbes.


Do not under estimate the importance of a good and healthy digestive system, because when your digestive system is not operating to form, many issues can arise, which will do nothing for your muscle building goals.


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