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Controlling Sweets Cravings

It would be safe to assume that everyone likes something sweet. If it be chocolate or candy, cake or ice cream, somewhere along the line everyone has a “sweet tooth”. Maybe you find yourself craving sweets more than anything else. Maybe sweets are your progress killers. It is easily assumed that sweets are just plain horrible for people. This is simply because they are over consumed. A person has to know their weaknesses and avoid them at any cost, especially if you are looking at getting in shape.


There are actually ways to help out with those crazy cravings of sweets and sugars. First, let it be pointed out that sugar in not inherently bad. Sugar is very important in our daily diets and helps out with glucose and even hormone regulation. It is the “vessels” that sugar is put into be consumed that makes it dangerous.


Certain foods are amazing for controlling the cravings that sugar brings about. Fruits for instance like apples and blueberries, do wonders for an individual who is struggling with wanting sugar. Apples have sugar in them. But given the fact that most sugary foods that people crave are not that of a fruit nature and are overeaten, the apple can do the trick. Also, an apple already has the portion size needed to satisfy, being that one apple. Better than just going back over and over again getting candy out of a bag. Blueberries have a lot of fiber in them and, you guessed it, sugar. Combine them with something like nuts and you can kill two birds with one stone (or snack) by providing something sweet in the blueberries and something crunchy in the nuts.


Protein is also good for killing cravings because protein can trick the brain into thinking it is full. So if you feel full, cravings for anything will be brought down significantly. On a even better note, protein that tastes good and sweet is an awesome way to not only kill cravings, but get more protein in your body. This is the benefit of a whey protein drink. 1UP Nutrition’s WHEY Protein contains cold pressed whey protein concentrate (for maximum protein content) and hydrolyzed whey isolates for higher protein content and minimal fat and carbs, with flavors that are on point and delicious. Flavors are coconut ice cream, white chocolate mint, cinnamon french toast, banana caramel, pumpkin spice cake, and chocolate peanut butter blast! There is virtually no need for you to ever eat anything sweet and unhealthy again with a list like that. 


Sweets cravings can be controlled and handled, but make sure you are healthy in doing it.


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