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Best Time to Take Protein

It is no secret, protein is essential (and awesome). If you are wanting to build muscle or just simply maintain muscle, you need to have an ample amount of protein in your body. That being said, a good amount of protein is not always the easiest to come by from just food alone.


No need to fear though, whey protein is here.


Whey protein is an amazing product. It breaks down very quickly in the body which allows the muscle to utilize all the greatness it has to offer. Whey protein is also very versatile when it comes to consumption. You can put it in a smoothie, mix it with other ingredients while cooking/baking, or simply mix it with a glass of water and drink it. Whichever way you choose to take it, there is no change in the effectiveness it has.


When it comes to when to take whey protein, there are a difference in opinions. When trying to decide when the best time to consume whey protein would be, one must look back at the main purpose of consumption, which is recovery and rebuilding.

As stated before, whey protein breaks down fast which allows tired and thirsty muscles to utilize it quickly. When a person is done lifting weights or working out, they have spent the past hour or longer breaking the body down, depleting sugar stores and releasing lactic acid. All these things put the body in a catabolic (break down) state. The body needs something to quick to help counter that state and be put in an anabolic (building) state. This is where whey protein reigns supreme because of its fast acting and effective capabilities.


Yes, whey protein can be consumed whenever and be beneficial, but given the fact (not opinion) that it the body breaks it down so quickly to be used for recovery and rebuilding, one could easily assume and suggest that the most beneficial time to consume whey protein would be post-workout.


So, thinking about what to eat for breakfast and in a hurry? Make a smoothie with whey protein in it. Not hungry but you have to hit that protein mark for the day? Put some whey protein in water and drink it down quick. Wanting to add a little more “protein value” to a sweet snack you are making (and not feel so guilty)? Put a scoop of whey protein in it.


Whatever you do though, do not forget to consume whey protein right after your workout.


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