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5 Signs You're Protein Deficient

Protein is important, period. It is important to not only building muscle but also to maintaining a good immune system and healthy appearance. Lacking in protein is not only bad for achieving gains in the gym, but it is also dangerous to one’s overall health. Maybe you have wondered if you are lacking in protein. These are 5 signs that you may be protein deficient:


  1. Your Bones are Weak: If you find yourself always fracturing or breaking a bone in either day to day activities or especially when you are exerting yourself in some kind physical activity, chances are you could be protein deficient. When the body is not getting what it needs in certain areas like the organs or tissue, it will pull from other areas such as skeletal tissue. Without the support of that skeletal tissue, bones are prone to injury.
  2. Your Hair and Nails Look Brittle: From more of a cosmetic standpoint, no one wants to look “brittle” in anything. If you lack protein, your hair and nails are one of the first places to show it. Protein is a very important component to nail and hair health, so lacking in it will surely show.
  3. Your Muscles are Shrinking: This is maybe the most obvious. Protein is the building block to the muscle cells, so if you do not have enough protein in your daily diet, your muscles will begin to dwindle down.
  4. You Feel Tired: This is not usually noticed right away, but in time having too little protein will become to have adverse effects on your energy. This is because protein is present in your blood and helps carry oxygen to the muscles. So if you are not only lacking muscle but protein in the blood, you will begin to notice fatigue quickly.
  5. You are Always Getting Sick: This one may be a surprise to some, but it is true. Protein is one of the major components to your body’s antibodies that help fight off unwanted invaders like viruses and bacteria. Too little protein means getting sick way too much.


Studies show fitness enthusiast, bodybuilders and athletes should get around 1-1.2 grams of protein per body weight to build and maintain muscle.  Shake, Bake or On the Go no matter how you like to take your protein we got you covered with our 4 protein products: 1UP Whey, 1UP ISO, Organic Protein and 1UP Bars.


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