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5 Reasons Why You May Not Be Losing Weight

Virtually everyone is a scale watcher. It is almost impossible not to watch numbers if losing weight is a personal goal. Having a scale in the house can cause a person to make numerous visits to the “thing that reveals all” that sits on the floor.

But what about when the number seems to never drop? Losing inches for many is not enough. Yes, everyone knows muscle weighs more than fat, but it is somewhat nice to see the number on the scale lessen with each time it is stood on.

What gives?


Well here are just 5 reasons you might not be losing weight.


  1. Not Keeping Track of What You Are Eating

This is a big one. Many people truly have no idea how much they are eating regarding calorie consumption. They have a focus maybe on just keeping their carbs or fats in check, but still over consume calories. Some people may still be wet behind the ears when it comes to properly reading nutritional facts as well. Understand that the label on the package or product is listing the serving size facts, not necessarily the facts for what you are holding in your hand as a whole. Learn what you need to consume to lose and how to track it properly.


  1. Not Eating Enough Protein


Now this is not contradicting the previous reason, but it does shine some light on the significance of protein and losing pounds. Protein is important, very important. Not just for building muscle but also for metabolism. Making protein consumption around 25%-35% of your total calorie intake (4 calories per gram of protein) will help keep cravings down and boost metabolism up to 100 calories a day! Get some protein in your diet.


  1. Your Eating Too Many Calories


Ok this seems like a no brainer, but sadly it needs to be said. Consider it not so much as a expounding on reason number 1, but a whole new reason in itself. Many people believe if they workout hard enough they should be able to eat what they want and still lose weight. Not true! Everyone, yes everyone, has to track their food and make sure they are consuming the proper number of calories to develop a deficit when it comes to calories consumed versus calories burned.


  1. You’re Not Lifting Weights


Yes, it is true, lifting weights actually helps you lose weight! Sorry to the folks of the cardio arts. Resistance training, like lifting weights, builds muscle along with burning fat at an accelerated rate. Lifting weights also helps prevent metabolic slowdown which helps prevent the “skinny-fat” look.

Don’t no one have time for that.


  1. You’re Not Sleeping Well


Sleep is the greatest thing you can do next to fitness regarding your physical and mental health. Many studies have been conducted on the correlation between sleep and obesity, and the results show that poor sleep habits are one of the biggest contributors to obesity and inability to lose weight.


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