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Working Out While Traveling

Traveling for pleasure or business always provides its own set of challenges. Stepping outside of the norm of one’s life can be a stress, even if it is being done to relax and enjoy some time away. One thing that many people do not break way from (or try not to) is their workout regimen.


The intentions to keep workouts going, even while away, are all good and wonderful before the trip begins, but once on the road, working out can easily become forgotten and ignored. After the trip is over with and you go over all the unhealthy meals and drinks you indulged in, the guilt sets in.


A few things need to be decided and accounted for before the trip begins;


  1. Are you working out for damage control or to keep progress from stalling?
  2. What kind of trip are you on (business or pleasure)
  3. What kind of equipment (if any) will you have access to?
  4. How long is the trip?


Damage Control or Keeping the Progress Train Going?


This will determine a lot of what you will allow yourself to indulge in while on your trip. If you are simply working out to keep the damage to a minimum, being particular or sticking to a “program” is not that important. Making sure you have access to some light gym equipment, a treadmill, or at the very least being able to walk outside (or if you are really feeling it go for a light jog). Just do not over do it when it comes to the drinks or bad food.

Business Trip or Vacation?           


Once again, if this is a vacation then structure will be hard. Business trips usually have a schedule, so you will need to be some where and some place at a certain time. Structure will be a little bit easier when it comes to working out on business trips. If it be business or pleasure, get your workouts done first thing in the morning so they are just out of the way.


Available Equipment?


Knowing what kind of equipment (if any) you will have at your disposal on your trip will help when it comes to planning out a workout routine to follow. Call the hotel or resort and see what you got to use. If there is nothing to use, do not worry. A good “hotel room routine” is:


  • 5 sets of 20 air squats
  • 4 sets of 15 push ups
  • 3 sets of 15 sit ups
  • 5-minute jogging in place


It is not anything spectacular, but it beats doing nothing.


Trip Duration?


If this is a weekend get-away, missing a workout will not be too big of an issue. But if this a week or two business trip or vacation, you must figure out how many days a week you plan on working out and where you will do it. Even though you are away, if it is for an extended amount of time do not short change yourself by skipping out completely on your routine. Breaks are good if needed, even from working out, but if in the case that your trip falls in a time where a break is not a part of the plan, working out will make you feel better not only on your vacation, but also great when you get back home because you know you did not slack off.


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