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Why Rest is Vital For Fitness Results

Rest is often overlooked in today’s culture. Understanding how the body works, especially when it comes to working out is important to reaching goals, staying injury free, and being healthy.

The gym is for working out. It is a time to break the body down. Yes, it is true. All you are doing in the gym is breaking the body down. The building comes from the rest and recovery just as much. Your body needs rest to recover. Recover is needed to rebuild.


Maybe you are that person who always works out and never takes a day off. Or maybe you are someone who feels sleep is overrated. If you are missing out on proper rest than your body is in a constant breakdown stage which will prevent recovery which will prevent, you got it, rebuilding. Whatever your goals are in the gym, this is not a good place to be.


When you miss out or avoid the proper amount of rest you are also tampering with the possibility of injury. Injuries are more susceptible because the muscles are in a state of fatigue, wear, and tear. They are not in a state to work. Also, when missing out on rest your central nervous system (CNS) can get tired as well. Your CNS is the pathway in which your brain communicates with your muscles. That pathway needs to be strong and clean. Resting also prevent that development of plateauing or hitting a wall in your progress. By resting properly your body always comes back fresh and ready to work. When it is in a constant stage of breakdown and fatigue, it will soon let you know that is does not want to function or perform; therefore, your performance in the gym will be hindered thus causing your workouts to suffer and your goals become more of a challenge to reach.


1UP Nutrition offers products to help you accomplish sleep and rest in the best ways possible. If you find it hard to fall asleep or even relax, 1UP Nutrition has you covered. With products like Beauty Dream for women and ReCharge PM for men, you will be getting some good sleep and rest in no time. With natural, full transparent formulations, these sleep aids help with falling asleep, staying asleep, and waking up feeling refreshed with no drowsiness. On top of that, both products help promote fat loss while you sleep! So not only is your body being put in a stage to help promote muscle building, but it is also being assisted in the fat loss process as well.


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