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Why Proprietary Blends Suck

Labels on products are not always the easiest to read or understand. This especially goes for sports nutrition products. Many of the ingredients are hard to pronounce, but as long as you know what they are supposed to do, it helps. But by simply knowing what they are supposed to do means nothing if you do not know how much of “they” are in the product you are buying, right?


Sport nutrition companies for decades have resorted to something called proprietary blends, which means “undisclosed” or “private”. If you ever looked on the back of a container and seen certain things like “pump blend” or “focus matrix” with a little cross symbol, that is a proprietary blend. Usually it gives you one number of the total amount of the blend followed by the ingredients that make up the blend, none which have an itemized dosage. Now as a consumer, this could bring about some concern, but manufacturers have used this “secret” blend approach to their advantage by claiming that the blends are so amazing and effective, by disclosing what they are would be unwise to their respected business.


The issue with proprietary blends is they claim to have this awesome blend for a pump or focus, but the ingredients that are actually worth your money may be so scarce in comparison to the cheaper, filler ingredients that you may be buying something not worth half of what you paid for. So, the companies are not really lying in saying that the blend is present in the product, but they are not disclosing the amount of the worthwhile ingredients in which make the blend effective and promotion-worthy.

1UP Nutrition is setting a standard with top notch formulation and ingredients that are proven to be effective. Most importantly, they let you, the consumer, know what you are getting in each product. By staying away from proprietary blends, 1UP is showing that the people behind the scenes are also a part of the sport of fitness and bodybuilding and understand how important it is to have effective supplements that provide the results they claim.


Knowing what is in the product and how much should be imperative to any consumer looking to buy high quality sports nutrition products.


1UP Nutrition provides that quality.


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