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White Potato vs Sweet Potato

You ever find yourself getting caught up in the “either-or” debates of life. You have to pick one or the other? Or one is superior to the other? Well, in some cases these decisions must be made, and when it comes to sweet potatoes and white potatoes, there is actually a clear-cut choice.

Now this article is not discriminating against any potato lovers out there, it simply laying out the facts of each potato and the purpose they serve in the everyday life of an individual, especially one who enjoys working out.


White Potato

Maybe the more popular of the two potatoes, not because of taste by themselves, but because of all the added “fun” in regard to sour cream, cheese, and butter. The white potato ranks higher up on the glycemic index for carbs, which can be good for helping in restoring sugar levels post workout. However, the flavor of a white potato alone is left to be desired by many which makes it a challenge to eat without all the added stuff. White potatoes are loaded with essential minerals, such as iron, magnesium, and potassium.


Sweet Potato

Sweet potato has gained a lot of popularity in the past couple of decades, especially in the fitness world. This is because the amount of fiber that one sweet potato has, which is great for weight loss. Also, the flavor is more desirable alone, so a person does not need to add a bunch of junk to it for a better flavor. Sweet potatoes are lower in calories as well in comparison to white potatoes, along with an abundant amount of niacin, potassium and beta-carotene, which is a pre cursor to Vitamin A which has numerous health benefits such as healthy skin and better vision.


The Verdict

When looking at both potatoes, it is hard to go against sweet potatoes. Just the sheer fact they have fewer calories and contain a lot of the nutrients that a white potato has, the choice should be obvious. Sweet potatoes are also better in flavor, so you do not need to add a bunch of unhealthy stuff to make them ore desirable.


It is not that white potatoes do not have their place maybe on a cheat day or post workout meal, but keep the focus on sweet potatoes if you are looking at living healthier and losing some weight.


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