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What is Progressive Overload?

The fitness world is filled with a ton of different training techniques and methods. Maybe you find yourself highly overwhelmed and confused with what to do and where to starting an effective training routine. The good news, most of the programs out their work. The deciding factor is you putting the work in to accomplish the goals.


When it comes to muscle and strength building, this facet of training also holds many different techniques, methods and principles. One principle that has shown extreme promise to even the most stubborn bodies is something called progressive overload. Progressive overload is a principle that states in order for muscles to grow and be strengthened, along with increased performance and endurance, the body must be forced to adapt to a tension that is above and beyond what it previously experienced. Without this concept or approach, the muscles lack challenge and therefore improvement will not take place in growth, strength, performance, and endurance.


This may sound like a very simple concept and one you may be familiar with, but maybe you are that person who has been going to the gym for years and have not been able to see any viable and significant change. In most cases, this principle has been ignored somewhere along the line in your training program.


The firsts step in anything is evaluating your diet. Make sure you are eating enough calories to supplement and support your goals in the gym. Next, one should figure out a training routine to help implement the progressive overload principle. When putting the progressive overload principle into place, a good starting point would be to find 70 percent of your 1 rep max for your rep work/training. Moving into your second week work up to 75 percent of your 1 rep max. Continue this process for 5 weeks total, with each week moving up 5 percent towards your 1 rep max for rep work/training. This approach and principle will add intensity to any workout routine and even more importantly add size and strength quickly in just 5 weeks!


The question once again is not if the method or principle works, but are you willing to put in the work. With progressive overload, the results will come if the work is put in. 


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