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What is Nitrosigine and Why is it in 1UP Products?

For sports nutrition companies, pre workout supplements define the brand. In other words, if a brand’s pre workout is utterly mundane (“exceptionally adequate”), it doesn’t bode well for long-term success.


Over the years, there have been hundreds, if not thousands, of sports nutrition brands offering supremely generic pre workouts that contain entirely unremarkable ingredients that provide little-to-no benefit to the loyal consumers that support the brand.


In founding 1UP Nutrition, we mandated that our supplements incorporate only the most effective supplements -- ones backed by rigorous testing in the lab as well as in the gym.


Few supplements have survived that scrutiny, but those that have earned a place in our products. Today, we highlight one such ingredient -- Nitrosigine®.

What is Nitrosigine?


Nitrosigine is an ultra-premium supplement included in our pre workouts, including:



Nitrosigine was engineered using a revolutionary method that involves bonding the amino acid L-Arginine with inositol alongside potassium silicate.


Arginine is the amino acid that the body uses to synthesize nitric oxide (NO) -- a cell-signaling molecule that affects numerous facets of physiology, including blood flow, exercise performance, and muscle pumps!


Based on this, it has been believed for 20+ years (and continues to this day!) that using L-arginine supplements boost nitric oxide, muscle pumps, cardiovascular health, and even sexual performance. Unfortunately, scientific studies show otherwise…as L-arginine possesses poor bioavailability, which basically means that your body doesn’t get much benefit from it.


It’s possible that you could supplement with higher amounts of arginine supplements (10-20 grams per day), but this has been found to cause rather unpleasant GI side effects.


Based on these findings, Citrulline emerged as a superior supplement for boosting nitric oxide, improving exercise performance, enhancing blood flow, and delivering superior muscle pumps. And, make no mistake, L-Citrulline is a fantastic supplement, which is why we’ve included it in our pre-workout supplements.


At the same time, just because one ingredient is helpful doesn’t mean that other ingredients are outright ineffective. Quite the opposite in fact.


Nitrosigine offers similar benefits to Citrulline, but at far lower dosages. With that in mind, here’s a closer look at the ins and outs of one of the best pre workout supplements -- Nitrosigine!


What Does Nitrosigine Do?


The primary benefit of Nitrosigine involves boosting nitric oxide, which, subsequently, supports greater blood flow, nutrient delivery and muscle pumps during workouts without the need for caffeine or other stimulants.


Nitrosigine is a fantastic non-stim pre workout supplement that has been studied numerous times and found to help get fitness enthusiasts and athletes “in the zone”, delivering caffeine-free energy, focus, and pumps to help improve calorie-burning, workout performance, and transformation challenge results without disrupting sleep or making you feel jittery or over-stimulated.


Benefits of Nitrosigine


Increased Nitric Oxide Production


As we’ve mentioned a few times throughout this article, the major benefit of Nitrosigine is its ability to support blood flow, nitric oxide production, and cardiovascular health.


Better Athletic Performance & Greater Recovery

Nitrosigine supports increased blood flow, which helps deliver greater amounts of oxygen-rich blood and nutrients to working muscles during training and competition. Increased circulation may also help clear metabolic waste and toxins generated by intense exercise, which reduces markers of muscle fatigue and supports recovery following intense exercise.[1,2]


Aids Mental Energy & Focus


In addition to boosting muscle pumps, endurance, and workout performance, Nitrosigine is also a phenomenal fast-acting nootropic, aiding mental acuity and focus.[3] In fact, some studies suggest that Nitrosigine may offer benefits within 15 minutes.[2]


No Tolerance


Many supplements need to be cycled -- which means after a certain amount of time you need to stop taking them on account of the body becoming desensitized or “acclimated” to their effects. Nitrosigine has been found in human clinical studies to offer benefits with continued use. As such, the current body of evidence indicates that Nitrosigine does not need to be cycled and its benefits improve over time.


Improved Recovery


Last, but not least, Nitrosigine has even been shown to help improve post-workout recovery. Increased circulation and blood flow helps remove waste products generated by intense exercise as well as deliver oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to skeletal muscles. The cumulative effects of these actions help reduce markers of muscle damage from exercise, which accelerates recovery, increases the ability to train more frequently, and helps you get results faster!


Are There Any Nitrosigine Side Effects?


The current body of scientific research indicates that Nitrosigine is safe when consumed in its research-backed dosages (1500mg) and does not impart adverse effects. Furthermore, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has labeled Nitrosigine as a New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) and classified it as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS).


Ideal Nitrosigine Dosage


Numerous studies have shown that 1,500mg Nitrosigine is well-tolerated and considered to be safe.


Can I Stack Nitrosigine with Other Supplements?


Nitrosigine is stimulant-free, has been rigorously studied in humans, and can be stacked with other supplements…if used by itself.


However, we have included the full, research-backed dose of Nitrosigine in every serving of our best-selling pre workout supplements:






Nitrosigine is one of the best pre workout supplements available. It is backed by over two dozen studies noting improvements in exercise performance, recovery, mental energy, cardiovascular support and more.


Click here to try Nitrosigine for yourself and see how it can benefit your workouts, recovery and results!



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