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What is Clear Protein?

Protein powder has been around a long time, and the most popular one has been and continues to be whey protein. Something called clear protein has gained traction over the past couple of years, and you’re probably wondering:


  • What is clear protein powder?
  • Is clear protein powder better or worse than whey protein?
  • How does clear protein taste?


We’ve got the answers to those questions and more!


Let’s start with the basics.


What is Clear Protein?


Clear Protein powder isn’t your same old protein shake. It’s similar but also different (in a good way!)


Clear protein powder starts with whey protein, but not just any old whey protein.


1UP Clear Protein utilizes premium-grade instantized whey protein isolate that’s cross-flow ultra nano-filtered and cold-processed.


Essentially, this creates a light and refreshing protein drink that’s more juice-like than your typical thick and creamy protein shake.


Why Use Clear Protein?


Consuming adequate protein is essential to your health, fitness, and physique goals. Without it, your body will be lacking in the key essential amino acids it needs to repair muscles, synthesize hormones, and nourish strong, healthy hair, skin & nails.


Protein powder offers a convenient, affordable, and delicious option to help individuals meet their daily protein requirements.


However, some individuals don’t want the thick, creamy and milky taste and texture of conventional protein powders. Clear protein powder delivers a light, refreshing flavor that’s juice-like. It’s perfect for individuals who want an alternative to thicker, milky-tasting protein shakes as well as those who want something lighter-tasting (yet still high in protein).


The 1UP Clear Protein Difference


Other whey protein powders are created using heat or harsh acids and enzymes which can degrade the quality, taste, and texture. By cold-processing and filtering our clear protein powder, we retain greater amounts of key biofractions in whey and deliver a top-tier protein powder that’s high in actual protein with trace amounts of carbohydrates and fat.


How Does Clear Protein Taste?


Clear Protein powder has a clean, refreshing and fruity flavor with juice-like texture opposed to the traditional thick, creamy whey protein shake.


Is Clear Protein Better (or Worse) Than Whey Protein?


Clear protein powder is whey protein. As such, it is a complete protein (containing all the essential amino acids the body requires) that’s easily digested and effectively utilized by the body.


But, not all whey protein powders are the same. Whey comes in many different grades (which affects the quality, taste, texture, and protein/carb/fat ratio).


1UP Clear Protein powder is crossflow ultra nano-filtered and cold-processed to remove unnecessary carbohydrates and fat (which add extra calories) while preserving the important whey biofractions found in traditional whey protein powders.


Is Clear Protein Powder for Me?


Are you looking to shake up your protein powder routine?


Tired of thick and heavy protein shakes?


Searching for a diet protein powder that’ll help you stay on track with your transformation challenge?


Then, Clear Protein is for you!


The Best Clear Protein Powder


1UP Clear Protein powder supplies 20g protein (from whey protein isolate), including >4g naturally-occurring BCAAs with ZERO carbs and fats.


Every serving clocks in at a lean, mean and clean 80 calories.


1UP Clear Protein powder can be used by anyone looking for a high-quality protein powder. It’s especially helpful for individuals engaged in fat loss, transformation challenges, and/or low-carb dieting.


Clear Protein is available in three fruity and refreshing flavors, including:


  • Watermelon
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Orange Mango


Use a scoop pre-workout, post-workout, or any other time during the day to satisfy your sweet tooth, quench your thirst, and support muscle recovery.


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