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What is Adaptive Resistance Training

There is a sub-culture in the bodybuilding and fitness world that involves extremely high and in-depth study and research gurus. You may have seen an influx of online fitness personalities that hold PhD’s. This is to not go against their intelligence and smarts, but it does provide a sense of in depth knowledge that some may find helpful, while others may find overwhelming.


Many things these days are all about finding the quickest way to get results. This does not only go for training but also for nutritional fads as well. Quicker today is even more enticing when effort is minimized as well.


Adaptive resistance training is a new “idea” and technology in the training world. Steel and gravity are substituted for motor pulses and computers. Negative resistance is not the component, but particular and adapted resistance is. Adaptive resistance training claims to load the muscle with the exact amount of needed resistance 100% of the time. With this theory, the duration of time for working out is cut down from hours a week to minutes a week.


Very technical stuff.


Companies have started to promote this form of training by claiming it is the “new way to workout”. Certain companies like ARX have developed quite the following with this new age form of training. With adaptive resistance training, the claim is workouts can never be excessive or inadequate because all the training is adapted to you at that given moment. In a nut shell, adaptive resistance training is resistance training applied to the user only in response to their own effort.

Bodybuilding and fitness the old fashion way has been around as long as it has because it works. That says something. This is to not say that things will not and should not evolve, because everything has in fitness and bodybuilding. One of the main components in bodybuilding and fitness that draw people to it is intensity and challenge. The mental focus required has always separated the tried and true from everyone else in fitness. The iron, the sweat, the grunge and grit- it is beautiful. There is insanely intense “simplicity” to the old-fashioned way that will continue to draw people to it.


Only time will tell how adaptive resistance training takes hold.


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