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The Bamboo Bar and Why it Makes You Stronger

When it comes to lifting weights, it may seem t an outsider that it is as simple as going into the gym, picking up some weights over and over again, taking a break, and repeating. For some, this is simply how they work out, but do not be surprised if you are not getting any stronger or bigger over a period of time.


Weight lifting, especially power or strength training, is so much more than lifting heavy weights until it gets easier over time. Power and strength have come a long way in regard to equipment that is now available for athletes to use to help out with technique and strength.


When one thinks of power and strength, certain lifts come to mind such as deadlift, squat, and bench. Bench requires a lot of work for strength building because our legs are naturally stronger than our upper body, and the legs are used all the time to stabilize and balance us. It is those stabilizer muscles that provide maybe the biggest hinderance for people looking for a stronger bench.


This is why a person would want to start using a Bamboo Bar.


A Bamboo Bar is what it seems, a bar made out of bamboo wood. It is extremely flexible and “wobbly” which makes it awesome. The flexibility and “wobble” in the bar are meant to create oscillation, which in return wreaks havoc on your stabilizer muscles you never knew you had. All of this works on a lifters versatility, which is what will help in hitting big lifts when it comes to bench pressing.


The oscillation is increased in the Bamboo Bar by hanging kettle bells from the ends of the bar. Once again, those tiny stabilizer muscles are worked in ways that you would not believe. If you have ever attempted a heavy lift and felt like you could not control the bar upon liftoff or even lost control through the rep, a Bamboo Bar is what you need.


When you bench heavy and the bar feels like it is floating off the proper path throughout the rep, this shows lack of versatility and weak stabilizer muscles (in comparison to the weight you are attempting to lift). The Bamboo Bar mimics that feels throughout the whole rep, firing those stabilizer muscles and building your versatility.


So, if you are looking for building you bench quick, get a Bamboo Bar!


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